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is a team of technical and business professionals with over 90 years of combined experience successfully delivering technological solutions to the business and residential community. Automation Solar was founded in 2007 on the simple premise that helping the planet can be as simple as changing some energy generation to meaningful clean and green energy from the sun. Photovoltaic and thermal systems today are commonplace using known proven, high quality components. As new alternative energies become viable in California, Automation Solar will offer these as energy solutions as well.

Automation Solar operates in Northern California, and is a respected solar integrator, design and build company. Three partners run the operation and guide the company in its development of new and innovative energy solutions for various applications. All partners have been part of many multi-million dollar projects and embrace quality management and team ownership. Each client transaction stands on its own profitability, making Automation Solar unique. Management can react to any solar opportunity based on a flexible approach using peripheral or partner employees. Keeping a temporary "proven" work force based on current jobs allows Automation Solar to expand quickly, keeping profitability high and costs very competitive.

We promote continuous development of our staff and partners through a simple approach that pays for all tuition and professional seminar attendance. We have monthly technical discussions featuring industry suppliers and technical consultants. As an employee-owned business we encourage employees and partners to be involved with all aspects of the company. We have an open culture of entrepreneurial thinking, people who take ownership for their careers and training, ensuring Automation Solar as a successful startup. We offer our business strategy with most partners where the company's direction, projects, activities and ideas are shared. This has been a proven method to attract the best talent. We are licensed, bonded and insured and value high integrity in all we do. All our installations are our references. For a little more about our company, please see our company profile.

Our Team

Glenn Forslin, President, CEO - Glenn is from a Silicon Valley career where he was in application engineering/sales of Automatic Test Equipment. He worked at Agilent-CSA, Teradyne, Cadence-IMS, GenRad and CA. As an entrepreneur, Glenn's endeavors include Prevent DUI, a digital recognitions firm; Intangi, a network design software firm, and HomeVergence, a home media automation company. Glenn was also a Customer Support-Agilent Technologies as Western States Manager. Automation Solar was born as green building and alternative energy company, pulling Glenn away from semiconductor test. Glenn is active in his community, has a BSEE from Northern Illinois University and lives in Brentwood, California.

Technical Advisor Board

Roy Clausen, VP Precigeo

Jim Bailey, CTO US Healthcare

Sergio Perez, VP Marketing ProbeTech

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