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Services We Offer

Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic Design and Installation

From relatively small off-grid battery-tied installations to large 25+ kilowatt commercial grid-tied power generation we have a solution for your goal of reducing energy cost and carbon footprint. Please see our residential brochure for more information.

Residential Solar Home and Pool Water Heating

With a variety of options for both home water heat and pool heating we can save you money and reduce your electrical and/or gas bills. Please see our solar pool heating brochure for more information.

Residential and Commercial Solar Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrades

If your PV or thermal water heating system isn't working to its full potential, we can service it and restore it to perform at its peak. We can also help you expand or augment your system with more panels, more modern equipment, auxiliary backup systems and a variety of other options.

Solar Consulting

We have been consulting in solar since 2007. Our team of design specialists has been trained in PV Design - from hard knocks actual work to the various PG&E courses, NABCEP classes and CSI seminars. We have provided quality PV design services and drafting for several dozen solar projects all over Northern California. Our turnaround time is 1 week. We are reasonable priced and are willing to work with any project large or small. We are PE equipped and have a variety of skills in electrical, civil and architectural and can draft documentation within industry standards to meet any and all local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Free-hand, AutoCad, Visio, or whatever you prefer — Automation Solar can do it.

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